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  1. NO Passport, NO Customs Required
    (No lines, no paperwork, no deadlines!) Puerto Rico is a U.S. Commonwealth!
  2. Safe “Foreign” Travel
    It’s a foreign culture without being a foreign country. Expect U.S. currency, food and water standards, and much more.
  3. Medical Care
    Expect U.S. medical standard care easily accessible in every town and city we visit.
  4. Unique Culture
    Puerto Rico is a fusion of Taíno, African, Spanish, and American culture within a 100-by-35 mile range.
  5. Affordable Travel
    Given the proximity to most major U.S. cities, this is one the most affordable destinations for students.
  6. Cell Phone Use
    Most carriers do not charge extra for calls or texts made in Puerto Rico. No roaming, no long distance! Check with your carrier to see what roaming charges apply.
  7. Air Transportation
    Puerto Rico is a direct and short flight from most major U.S. cities.